Here’s a fantastic trick to get rid of dents, so your car can look like new again

Here’s an exceedingly cheap, easy, and quick way to fix car dents that might save you hundreds of dollars at the body shop.

Everyone at some time in their life ends up with a big ol’ dent in their car. This could happen when some hooligan rams your automobile with a shopping cart or a nasty storm blows a branch right into the path of your vehicle.

Now, ordinarily, you’d bring your jalopy to an auto body shop. Before you do that and rack up an astronomical car bill, look at this ingenious method to fix many types of car dents.

All you need is a plunger and some hot water. If you’re lucky and this trick works for you, your car will look almost as good as new.

This method is quick and easy when it comes to dents in the body of the car. Dings in the bumper might take a little more effort.

It works because the scalding hot water softens the paint. This prevents it from cracking and flaking off. The plunger then creates a vacuum pressure that that fixes the ding.