Here’s why we believe dogs are man’s best friend–thankfully it also goes for kids

No example of the special bond between dogs and humans is better than this one. One of their impromptu play dates grabbed the notice of the baby’s Pop and he reached for the camera. You’ll be grateful that he thought to do it.

The Siberian Huskies is a trustworthy family pet for a variety of reasons, according to DogTime. Its gentle, accepting demeanor make them ideal pets for families.

Huskies have been around for a long time and have a storied history. The Siberian nomads known as the Chukchi shared their homes with the breed for hundreds of years. They allowed the dogs to serve as living loveys, sleeping with their kids in order to give them heat and contentment during the harsh winters. With such a commendable past, it’s no wonder that this loveable canine cohabitates beautifully with human wee ones.

In addition to warmth and companionship, their thick, soft coat makes them a cuddling favorite for kids. Everybody wins with a Husky in the house. The proud father looks on as his child fawns over the beloved family pooch and showers him with smooches.

What a longsuffering pet. He allows the baby to clutch his fur and waddle all about him. The kid is obviously in love with this big, friendly dog.

Research reveals that kids who mature with a warm and friendly animal in their domicile are more compassionate and caring than kids who don’t. This particular Husky is the perfect mate for this family’s little one. Click the video below to share in their mutual joy.