Here’s the ingenious way to instantly defrost your windshield this winter season

You may be a fan of winter — or you may not. But either way, you have to admit that one annoyance of the season is coming outside only to find your car’s windshield covered in a layer of frost. If you’re already running late for work, this can be a real problem.

You might be tempted to slosh warm water on it as a brutal but effective way to deal with it, but that could leave you with a cracked windshield. What happens is that the outer side of the glass instantly expands when the warm water hits it while the inner side remains cold. The resulting tension can cause cracks or in extreme cases, shatter the windshield. So that idea is out. You could just warm up the car and get its window defroster going, but that takes some time. Wiping the windshield with a rag is going to leave streaks and water droplets. That leaves the ice scraper: it’ll get the job done but requires some time and effort. However, as you’ll see, there is a way to get the frost off your window that’s quick, easy, and almost miraculous.

As Knoxville, Tennessee weather reporter Ken Weathers (yes, that’s his name), explains in the video posted below, all you need are three things: water, isopropyl alcohol, and a spray bottle. All you do is mix two parts isopropyl (ie, “rubbing”) alcohol and one part water and put it in the spray bottle. It’s really that simple! Isopropyl alcohol freezes at 128 degrees below zero, so you can leave the spray bottle in the car: that way you’ll always have it at the ready. Just remember not to use it on the plants!

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