Here’s Something I’ve Never Seen Before: Two Baby Rhinos Playing Together, And I Love It!

I never thought I’d say It, but I kind of want a pet rhino! Ok it may be because I just saw this video, but can you blame me? Look at those two running around like that?! Don’t tell me you don’t think they’re adorable, I simply won’t believe you!

You can tell by the way the man plays with the rhinos that those little guys have quite the strength in them. He’s wary of not getting bruised by those little juggernauts!

I feel like rhinos are animals that we don’t know too much about. At least that’s true for me, for example, I know a lot more about elephants than I do about rhinos, but I’m starting to think that rhinos are pretty awesome too. What do you think of rhinos? Let us know below!

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