Here’s a Simple Sock Trick that Will Keep Your Car Windows from Fogging Up

If you love winter weather, you still have to admit there are downsides. Even if you don’t mind shoveling snow and consider high heating bills the price of admission, you have to concede that fogged-up car windows are a real annoyance. The cause is quite simple: humidity inside the car, including moist air from your lungs, condenses on the cold windshield (it’s a lot like a cold glass “sweating” on a hot summer day). But as you’ll see, the solution is also simple.

Fogged-up windows are more than just an annoyance; they’re a real safety hazard — driving when you can’t see out the windows is obviously a bad idea! A car’s defroster may work but can take time to warm up; meanwhile, you’re left using your sleeves to wipe away the condensation. It would be nice if you could prevent the windows from fogging up in the first place, and that’s where DaveHax comes in. He’s YouTube’s go-to guy for easy but effective do-it-yourself tips. His video on this “hack” is posted below, but we’ll also give you a quick summary.


For supplies, all you’ll need are some socks without any holes, cat litter (preferably the silica crystal variety), and a rigid ring (a roll of packing tape will do the trick). Stretching the sock over the packing tape (or whatever another ring you’re using) makes it easy to pour the cat litter in. Once it’s filled, take the sock off the ring and tie it shut. Next, slip another sock over the litter-filled one and tie that shut; this reduces the chances of a messy spill.

Now all you have to do is stash it in the car, ideally someplace convenient but effective, perhaps on the dashboard or in a door pocket. Within a few days, you should notice that the moisture level is way down and your windows a lot less foggy. This is such a brilliant and simple idea – check out how DaveHax makes his in the video below.

Here\'s a Simple Sock Trick that Will Keep Your Car Windows from Fogging Up