Hero Falls Through Ice To Save Drowning Dog From Freezing Waters

WKBW News Footage of Dan Chatten Saving A Dog

Quick action and a big heart could make all the difference and save a life as it did for a man who was out walking his two dogs. A tiny dog had fallen into the icy waters off Ellicot Creek Park in Buffalo, New York. Don Chatten was approached by a woman who needed help finding her dog.

Without hesitation, Don took up the search. He first called 911 but realized that there was no time to wait. It didn’t take long for him to locate the struggling little dog running out of energy in the icy waters. Our hero crawled across the ice until it cracked, sending him plunging into the waters as well. Luckily he knew the depth!

This amazing rescue was only possible because of the intervention of Don Chatten, who even happened to know the waters due to swimming there as a kid. The selfless instant action taken by this rescuer proves that nothing would have stopped him from saving a lucky dog from the icy waters off Ellicot Creek on that fated day!