This Hero Spent Months Deployed In Afghanistan. When He Finally Returns Home, Watch How His Dog Welcomes Him!

Some of the most endearing and moving videos that I have come across on the internet have to do with servicemen and women coming back home after a long campaign.  I have to admit though, the best part of these emotional reunions are the dogs. Seeing these humans that have gone through so much pain and trauma being welcomed back by all their loved ones is enough to make me tear up every time.

This video features on the incredible reception they get when they see their dogs for the first time after coming home. Dogs are notorious for being excited to see you even if you’ve only been gone five minutes, but the incredible reception that these heroes get will put a big smile on your face.

For the soldiers who have returned from truly difficult situations the love and companionship that dogs give unconditionally can be exactly what they need to feel like they are safe from harm again. There are even stories of soldiers bringing back dogs that they bonded with during their time abroad.

There is no doubt that dogs are actual angels that save many of us through their simple companionship. Please watch and share this adorable video!

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