Hero stray dog finds baby in the streets and saves her

I have seen hundreds of stories of people rescuing dogs. It is often dogs who are abandoned by their owners, often in very bad conditions. They often need medical assistance for assorted reasons. It generally is because they are infested with ticks and fleas. These parasites feed on the dogs’ blood and can cause infections. Once these infections get more serious, the dogs get weaker putting their lives in danger.

There are other times when dogs are abused and neglected. A while ago, I saw a video of a dog who was in very bad shape. His fur was severely matted. It got so long that it comprised about half of the dog’s size. The dog was fortunately rescued and given a total makeover. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how the dog looked like underneath all that fur.

Other times the dogs have been traumatized. Thanks to several rescue organizations, these dogs’ lives are turned around for the better. This next video is very different. In this video, it is the dog who rescues the human. This all goes down in South America. One woman was in her house when she hears a knock at her door. She opens the door and sees a woman carrying a baby.

The woman holding the baby asks her to watch her baby. “It will only be a couple of minutes,” she says. The woman at home tells her she cannot help, she has many things to do and will be going out. The mother leaves with the baby. The next day the woman’s son gets up to go to work very early. When he’s in the kitchen, he hears a strange noise outside. He goes outside to check and sees a baby crying in an alley.

He tells his mother and the mother tells him that a woman had asked her the day before for a favor, but she was too busy to help. This woman must have abandoned the baby in an alley. How can someone do something so cruel? The baby continues crying and the boy’s mother goes outside to check as well. They have had very chilly nights and she fears the baby might be suffering from hypothermia.

When she gets to where the baby is, she is stunned when she sees the baby is okay. How could the baby have survived such a frosty night? It turns out that a stray dog called Way had recently given birth to a litter of puppies. She had seen the baby and her motherly instincts kicked in. She lied down the night before with her puppies around the baby so the baby would be kept warm all through the night. Way is a true hero! Click on the video for the fantastic turnaround!