Heroes Rescue A Scared German Shepherd Living In A River Canal! WOW!

Hope For Paws is back with yet another amazing rescue. This time, they were called to the scene of a Los Angeles river canal where a German Shepherd sought shelter. She was lonely, starving, and forced to sleep in dirt and shallow river water.

Because the dog, who they named Adrienne, was living in such a treacherous area, the duo of heroes had to be very careful. Even Eldad was hesitant, and he’s an experienced dog rescuer. “I admit — as I got closer and closer to her, I got quite nervous,” he says. “I have never seen her behavior, and I didn’t know what to expect.”

The heroes remained patient and vigilant, quietly sneaking up behind her so as not to awaken and frighten her. Once they managed to wrangle a leash around her neck, they calmed her with cheeseburgers. Eventually, they were able to lead Adrienne into the car and on her way to recovery. At the vet, Adrienne received medical care; her paws were bleeding from walking on the hot concrete. And with a little care and a lot of grooming, she’s just as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside.

Watch the video to see this pup’s wonderful transformation. What a sweet, beautiful dog who will finally experience all the love she can possibly get. She’s currently being fostered by a loving family who pampers her every day!

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