Heroes wrestle 8-point deer by the horns to save his life

Antlers fall off male deer, but before they do, a deer risks death if his antlers get trapped in brush or a fence.

Male deer can get their antlers tangled in fences, brush, or during conflicts with another male deer. The results can be catastrophic for the deer.

The hunters are also conservationists and try to save any trapped or injured deer. They use cutters and gloves to stay safe while handling it.

The rescue effort is dangerous work. It takes three men to hold the deer, cut away the branches and brush, and safely free its antlers.

Although one of its antlers was broken, the male deer will shed them in another couple of weeks, and a new set will grow back.

If the hunters had not rescued the frightened deer, it would have starved to death. The hunters saved its life even though one antler broke.