Heroic 21 Year Old Snowboarder Makes SHOCKING Discovery In The Snow

Rafael Pease is a snowboarder. He decided to go to Chile with a friend for his birthday. The main goal was to take advantage of the awesome powder snow that falls there at that time of year. He was well on his way to doing that when he noticed something sticking out of the snow. What he initially thought was a rock turned out to be a horse whose legs were stuck in the deep snow.

Pease couldn’t just leave the horse there. Some people might have figured it was a problem for the locals. Not him. He dug the horse out, fed it with food that he placed on his shovel and gave it water. It turned out the horse had been there for DAYS, not hours. It’s lucky that it didn’t freeze at night. Poor horse. The snowboarder led the horse back to town, where he found its owner.

It turned out that the owner had let the horse go since it was older. He wanted it to live its remaining years free. It was a well-intentioned move, but if Pease hadn’t come by, it would have been the death knell for the horse, who would have suffered a lot before finally succumbing to either the cold or starvation or both. Fortunately, fate had another plan for it.

I love these selfless rescue videos. Pease clearly had one plan, but when this horse entered his life, he decided that it was more important than his snowboarding down a mountain one more time. Yes, he didn’t get to enjoy Chile to its fullest extent, but he will surely be back again during his lifetime. Maybe he’ll see the horse again – walking freely again.

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