The Heroic Actions of this Brave Pooch! Protecting the Cute Baby Without Hesitation! Wow!

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, most animals are far from brave when confronted with this great growly beast that can follow them from room to room. They’ll bark, hiss, whatever, at it but will ultimately turn tail and run when it gets close. Perhaps they are afraid that it will eat them or suck them into another dimension. They do this despite it not happening the past hundred or so times that I have done this. The dog in this video is quite the opposite.

We see a baby laying on a changing blanket on the floor. A toy poodle named Eekichi is laying near the baby, his head on her chest. Other family members are in the room and there’s a smaller vacuum on the floor. I guess Mommy wants to make sure the room is dust-free for the baby. She turns on the vacuum… and Eekichi is scared, but he’s also worried the vacuum might hurt the baby. Now he’s presented with a choice: Abandon his post or protect the baby.

Many dogs would be under their beds by now. Not Eekichi. He runs around a bit but always returns by the baby’s side, resolute on protecting her. Now, this is a dog who could be scooped up, attached to a long stick and subsequently used as a mop, but he’s got his mission ingrained in him: Save the baby. His mommy and other family members can’t get over this. My cats would be like, “You look like you can handle yourself, kid. See you later!”

Eekichi is likely scared to death of the vacuum, but he’s more worried about what will happen to the baby. That’s loyalty, and love. There’s a reason that they are called man’s best friend. A baby’s best friend, in this case. When this girl grows up, she can see this video and appreciate what her little doggie brother was willing to do for her. That will be a precious memory for her, for sure. Though she might get unrealistic expectations for how animals should act around vacuums.

I thought that Eekichi was awesome. How about you? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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