Brave baby elephant attempts river rescue to “save” her human friend

Elephant Rescues Man

I love elephants. They are highly intelligent, loyal, family oriented and definitely should never be in a circus or mistreated in any way. If you don’t believe animals have souls, then this video will change your mind for the better.

This footage is from the Elephant Nature Park of Chiang Mai, Thailand is where elderly elephants find sanctuary from the bullets of poachers and wealthy businessman who kill for profit and delight. Here at the park, these majestic elders are free to live in love an harmony among peaceful humans. They’re safe and protected.

The Foundation shared this endearing video of a baby elephant racing to the aid of Darrick Thomson, the co-founder of the foundation and one of her favorite people in the world.

Elephant and Man

The video below shows the amazing moment when an adorable elephant cub breaks away from her mother and the rest of the herd and risks everything to help a man she believes is drowning.

The audacious “lifeguard” elephant goes by the lovely name of Kham Lha. When she notices her companion, Thomson floating downstream rather quickly, she assumes he’s in danger, and the little one hurries into the rapidly flowing river to “save him.”

Elephant Rescues Man from drowning

Thomson was calling out for her to the shore, and she interpreted his calls as distress cries (he was outstanding, though). Kham Lha charged into the swift river, reaching out to the man with her trunk, taking the man back to the safety of the shore.

“Since he rescued Kham La, he spent the time to heal her from the mental [anguish] and had shown love to her,” the staff said. “It’s not long after that, she [made a] strong bond with him, and accepted him to be part of her herd.”

She might be just a little girl, but her motherly instincts are strong. We can thank mom for instilling those dominant, positive traits. You and I would call them values. Either way, we have a lot n familiar with these noble creatures whom we are blessed to walk the earth with.

Being rescued by an adorable baby elephant is a dream come true for many, especially when you’re being saved with love, and the expression of concern that baby shows merely is heart-melting. It’s as if she hugs the man to say, “Are you alright? You’re safe now. I’ve got you…”  What a sweetheart.

So far, The foundation has rescued over 100 elephants, the majority of them elderly or physically disabled. All of them would not be here for us to gaze upon with awe and wonder if it weren’t for this organization’s amazing work.

Ther message is an uncomplicated one: We believe that if we treat animals with love, we get love back.” I think that’s a beautiful and worthwhile investment, don’t you?

Brave baby elephant attempts river rescue to \