Heroic Dog Rescues Drowning Baby In Pool! How He Does It Will Amaze You!

We all know that dogs are extremely protective and loving creatures and most of the time, we all live in peace and harmony, not testing their watchfulness or protectiveness. But this family sure thanked their lucky stars for the day they adopted Bear as a puppy. Because this dog did what the mother couldn’t. Save her 14 month old baby from drowning.

It was a hot day and mother and son was by the poolside. She went into the garage to pick up a gardening tool with Stanley, her 14 month old toddler walking beside her. It was only a minute, but when she looked up, she noticed the child wasn’t next to her. Panicked, she rushed out, searching for her son, only to find, to her horror that Stanley had fallen into the family pool and was drowning.

She rushed to the pool but she noticed that Stanley seemed to be floating in the water. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the baby wasn’t floating on his own; Bear the family dog was supporting the baby on his back, keeping the child above water. Bear refused to budge at all, keeping his baby brother afloat until help could reach him. Patricia Drauch went into the pool and took her baby out, only after which the black lab came out as well.

She rushed to the local fire station with her toddler as she noticed the baby was turning blue and wasn’t breathing. The firefighters at the station tried to revive the infant and rushed him to the hospital where fortunately he was discharged the same day. Dogs have always been guardian angels and this is certainly not the first time that a dog has come to the rescue to save a life and I know it certainly won’t be the last. But their innate sense of protectiveness and loyalty make them a family’s best friend. Patricia said that ever since the Drauch family got Bear as a four week old pup, they told him to watch over his baby brothers, and he did just that.

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