Heroic Woman Busts Out Trapped Baby Deer From Two Different Fences

It is hard to decide who is having the worst day in this situation: the Georgia woman who had to pry fence bars apart—not once but twice, or the poor doe who got stuck in two separate fences! Chloe Dorsey was out trying to enjoy a morning jog, and the deer was running around with her herd. However, things didn’t go as planned for either of them! The first time Chloe sees the doe stuck in the fence, she is visibly upset.

You can sense her worry as she yells “stop” and “wait,” out of concern for the deer’s safety and her own. First, she gives the deer a little push. Nothing happens. She yanks on the bars until they finally bend, and the doe can wiggle free. She sighs in relief, and the deer runs off. Bending those bars wasn’t easy, and she takes a moment to stretch and collect herself.

By the time she is ready to run again, she sees the doe has gotten stuck in yet another fence. “You need to learn how to jump, boo,” she yells in exasperation! Hilariously, our hero carries on a conversation with the doe and the rest of her friends. She cycles between admonishing the little deer for getting stuck again and telling her, “What are you going to do when I am not here,” and hollering at the herd for not teaching her how to jump.

Proceeding to struggle with the bars, she tells the deer this one is much harder! The tiny deer lays down in defeat, as they both lose steam. Chloe keeps wrestling with the bars and tries to pull the deer out. Nothing happens, and Chloe hurdles over the fence. This spooks the deer, and she can wiggle her way to freedom.