He’s A Great Pianist But it’s What This Tiny Puppy Does That Has Me Flipping Out!

If you’re like me, you love videos of adorable baby animals. So when this guy sits down at the piano and starts playing, I can’t help but keep my eyes glued on the cute puppy sitting near his feet. He just doesn’t want to be separated from his owner.

In my opinion, it seems dogs are definitely music lovers. Though they can’t play an instrument, they will howl along with music and join right in. Perhaps it is their pack mentality, but dogs just seem to be made for a band.

So when this adorable little puppy sees that his owner is about to sit down and play the piano, he doesn’t want to be far behind.

He waddles right over and sits down at his owner’s feet. As the man starts to play the puppy just rests its head down and seems to listen to the sound.

When the owner gets up to adjust something, the puppy follows. I can hear him whimpering a little. He doesn’t want to be separated from his owner for even a second. And he doesn’t want the music to stop!

Watch this adorable video now and keep your eyes glued on that puppy.

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