He’s Just An Ordinary Cat In Hospital. You Won’t Believe It When You See What He Can Do!

When Oscar came to their hospital, people noticed that he wasn’t too friendly. He liked to keep to himself and it was hard finding him when they wanted to treat him or play with him. But whenever some patient was taking their last breath, this cat magically reappeared.

After some time, the hospital staff realized that Oscar was an ordinary cat that had an extraordinary gift. Oscar makes his rounds in the hospitals and checks on the 40 something patients in the floor. He only stays with those patients that are on the verge of death. He jumps on the bed and curls up next to them till the very end.

Dr. David Dosa has published a book about this fascinating cat called “Making Rounds With Oscar.” Oscar is a beautiful white and grey cat, and he sleeps at the nurses’ station during the day when he’s not making his rounds. I guess you could say Oscar is a therapy cat, even though he’s not very social. This remarkable cat seems to sense when someone needs love and comfort, and he is there to give it to them.

Dr. Dosa talks about his patients with dementia and how their caregivers are affected when they are near death. Oscar plays a role in comforting the patient and the family, as well as the hospital staff. He’s a wonderful therapy animal, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know it.

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