He’s The Most Magical Horse In The World, When The Music Starts? I’m Astonished!

Horses are majestic creatures that are mostly renowned for their beauty, strength and intelligence. The sports like horse racing and horse polo has increased the importance of the horse very much. Except for these sports, horses are also very popular for the trick shows. This video features one of the brilliant horse performances in the internet.

This horse in the video is called Blue Hors Matiné, and along with her we can see her owner Andreas Helgstrand. Matiné was a 9 year old dancing grey mare who competed on the WEG 2006 test. Her video was uploaded in the YouTube which instantly stormed the internet and accumulated more than 13 million views and still counting. Unfortunately Matiné suffered from a broken leg and had to be put down in 2010.

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