This Boy Has an Unusual Playmate and He is Incredible

In the beautiful Canary Islands, there is a young Spanish boy named Joel who, a few years ago, started a morning trend. Each morning, Joel goes down to a set of steps that go directly into the sea to meet and feed his stingray buddies who are waiting for him.

Valle Gran Rey is the island where Joel resides. The harbor where he lives is a traditional fishing harbor, where it is often full of sailing boats. There is such an abundance of fish in this harbor that Joel is able to catch them and feed them to other marine animals easily.


Now, surely, these stingrays are perfectly capable of feeding themselves, especially in such a prime spot. But, it seems they enjoy the company. Despite their nasty and poisonous stingers, rays are actually quite social creatures and enjoy interacting with humans. (If you get the opportunity to feed them in the wild, it is an extraordinary experience).

Joel has started a neat morning routine with all these rays and hangs out with them in the shallow waters of this beautiful island. What a unique and fantastic way to start the day.

This Boy Has an Unusual Playmate and He is Incredible