He’s Playing With His Special Friend, But When You See What It Is, It’ll Take Your Breath Away

We have seen and heard a lot of cases of animals acting friendly towards humans, even animals in the sea, which is the case in this next clip. Everyone has seen videos of dolphins swimming up to humans and even whales and turtles that become curious about these strange looking people in the water. This actually makes us question the statement. “A dog is man’s best friend.” In fact, the boy in this video has a very unusual sea animal as a friend. He has befriended a stingray who just can’t seem to get enough attention from this young boy.  Granted it could be because the boy is hand-feeding him fish, but still, the stingray seems to love a pat on the back from the boy.

Stingrays are usually not that aggressive, but they use a poisonous stinger when they feel their life is in danger. That’s how they got their name in the first place. The friendship the boy and the stingray have is unusual and the stingray seems to actually know who the boy is, although who can really say for sure? They hang out in shallow waters, the boy on the steps, and the boy is so comfortable with the stingray that he even opens his mouth for him to put a fish inside. The stingray swims up to the steps to ask for more, and when he doesn’t get it immediately, he splashes around making his displeasure known. Is it possible he could do tricks for treats, like a dog? Be amazed by watching this strange and special bond between these two!!

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