He’s Trying Not To Crack Up On Camera. Watch What The Horse Behind Him Does That Has EVERYONE In Stitches!

When you make your living in the entertainment industry you have to be ready for the unexpected. Animals all seem to be amazing at picking their moments in front of a rolling camera, especially when it’s being broadcast live. There is no way to keep your composure and a serious demeanor when something like this happens behind the scenes while everyone involved is trying to keep it all together.

Camera man Greg Harriott really did his best dealing with it all in the most hilarious way he could when he was filming a special TV interview with a horse breeder at a farm. Wait until you see what this horse does and keeps doing while poor Greg is just trying to do his job and get home. The horse actually starts to lick Harriott at one point but that’s not all. It’s just so funny and adorable and the horse needs to win a daytime Emmy.

What a great sense of humor this horse and film crew has. Hopefully Greg was able to take a shower shortly after wrapping this story with the news team.

Check it out for yourself below and see if you don’t start losing it yourself! We always appreciate it when you can leave a comment so we know what you think of the clip and also share it with friends and family.


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