He’s Washing His Hands In A Nightclub Bathroom. Then He Saw THIS In The Mirror? SCARY!

This video is a powerful message against drinking and driving. What if a drunken person looked into a mirror and saw a prison inmate who was in prison for an alcohol-related crime? Would it make the drunk not want to get behind the wheel?

This “Reflections from Inside” video was produced by We Save Lives Foundation earlier this year. The inmate in the video is a real character who’s serving time in a Florida State Prison by the name Kris Caudilla. In 2010, a drunken Kris Caudilla drove on the wrong side of the road, crashed into the car of a sheriff deputy, and killed him. He was convicted of manslaughter with a 15-year sentence.

Five years into his long sentence, Kris said earlier in 2016 that he still thought about his victim every day. Agreeing to participate in this video is Kris’s way of atoning for the crime that haunts him to this day. He would do anything he could to help others avoid the path he went down on the way to seeing the inside of a state prison.

You simply must check out this video! Party goers in a busy California nightclub who had to use the men’s room would see Kris live in the bathroom mirror, only he’s across the country in Florida and dressed in full prison uniform with prison ID card clipped to a breast pocket. Kris tried his best to let them know his experience, but the prison didn’t have all day for him to do it in. Would you help him out by passing on this video?