Hidden Camera Catches 2 Cats Doing THIS When Nobody Was Around. You’ll Be In Hysterics!

Pets are an incredible addition to anyone’s family. They give lots of joy and happiness to their owners. You can always expect unconditional love and great company from them. Pet owners usually have a habit of talking to their pets, and one of the greatest things about them is that they don’t talk back. I am sure if you have a pet, you do this too. We never really hear them talk, but what if they actually could?

The video given below features two cats named Stina and Mossy. You might have seen a video of them before as well. But when you see this one, you are going to be in hysterics. A genius decided to do a voice-over on the original footage. The result? Pure gold. The voices go really well with the video! This will give you good a laugh!

The two cats are on the bed and it looks like they are watching television. One complains to the other that he’s already seen this show. They start arguing, and that is amusing enough, but the best part is when the real troublemaker says, “Shhh. Someone’s coming. Act like a cat.”

It’s hilarious! He gives a few fake meows and the other one gives a fake purr. Then they get the bright idea to be cute in order to get a treat. One starts licking the other, and I’m not going to tell you what he says. It will give you a good laugh, for sure!

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