“Watch What This Pup Does When His Mommy Isn’t Looking!! Naughty! But Too Cute!”

His mommy always wondered why her bed was always messed up when she came home from work. But she had a few clues because sometimes there would be a doggie toy right in the middle. Who could it possibly be?? LOL

The funny thing is, the pup isn’t allowed up on the bed when she’s at home and he knows it. He’s actually a very good boy. But when his mommy leaves a hidden camera in the room, BUSTED!

As soon as she’s not looking, the pup hops up on the bed and dances a jig of  pure unbridled joy!!

Nearby, a classically aloof cat seems to watch in disapproval LOL. You can just hear what the kitty is thinking, “I’m going to tell Mommy!”

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