He Was Hiding Some Treats In His Mouth, But What He Did When He Got Caught Is Hilarious

Even though your pooch might look guilty or ashamed, according to research and studies, they cannot feel guilt, but the facial expression and reaction of this pooch proves those studies wrong in my opinion. People have different opinions about this topic of what emotions dogs feel. But one thing that we cannot deny is the fact that every look our dog throws at us shows exactly what they are thinking. These looks either make us laugh or make us feel like the mean owner, so even when we try to confront them and punish them for doing something wrong, we are rarely successful! Just look this owner for example.

Her dog’s name is Chase and Chase loves tater tots. I mean, who doesn’t love tater tots, right? But this owner had no idea how much Chase loved them until this happened. He must find them truly irresistible and in this video, you will see why I think that.

When she noticed Chase’s puffed up cheeks, she checked in on him and asked him what he had in his mouth. You will be in hysterics when you see how Chase responds! I can’t stop laughing at this little guy! You have to decide if you would be able to punish him or not after seeing his reaction to the question. I don’t think I could.

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