High school dancers line up, give a catchy act that creates a madness of emotions on the web.

While everybody was expecting great music and a fun dance with some explosive movements, the Mahomet Seymour dance team, a great group of dancers did something different and wonderful that night.  They didn’t play an ordinary song like everybody else, they danced with the track “What are you afraid of?” By Joh Jorgenson as background. And yes, just like you are reading… they didn’t perform with a song, they did it with a speech!  And it was simple amazing.  This speech was in charge of touching the hearts and minds of all the people gathered in the place from the start to the end. The dancers were given a visual demonstration of freedom, peace and joy through body expression and dancing, while the speaker was telling how he had overcome his fears and worries in life.  The dancer`s body movements transported the audience to a world of freedom and made them believe anything is possible without fear.

The public was fascinated and charmed with the act and dance the dancers did. This cute and outstanding group of high school dancers took care of dancing without music around, and the effect this performance had on the crowd was just incredible. These girls danced with freedom, making each word of the speech a personal experience of life.

Several members of the team made positive comments about the group, including one in particular who said: “We are astonished and proud of the dancers and their act today, their way of expressing their feelings to the public, the time they invested preparing the act, their noble, sweet spirit and pure heart, all represented through art, made us feel free. They made each of the people present wonder: What space do I give to fear if I explore and take a step to gain my freedom?  It was just amazing!

Take a look at this amazing video and pay attention to the speech.  We are sure it will blow your mind and it will make you think about freedom! You will probably want to dance to!