High school drill team delivers phenomenal halftime show.

High school drill team

35 girls wearing white hats and boots gave an impressive performance during the halftime show of a football game. The girls were all part of a high school drill dance team in Texas.

The white hats and boots are traditional, and while they may look similar to cheerleaders, their routine is distinctly different. They begin by marching onto the large field in perfect unison.

All of the girls form a line while bowing their heads at the same time. Once they reached their mark, they stopped and kneeled on the soft ground. Behind them, a marching band also takes their positions.

High school drill team

The girls recognized it as their queue when the marching band started playing ‘Funkytown’ by Lipps Inc. They got up from their kneeling position and revealed what it means to be a drill dance team.

While arm in arm, the girls kicked high and twisted their legs way above their heads. They spun their legs clockwise and counter-clockwise with ease. All of this while maintaining perfect synchronization as well.

The people watched in awe as the high school drill dance team delivered a phenomenal performance. They ended the dance number by doing the splits on the field.

Everyone applauded the drill dance team. Even when getting up and walking off the field, the members of the drill dance team continued to move in unison.

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