High school boy sends 834 girls flowers on Valentine’s Day

It can be hard to pick only one person for Valentine’s day. Whether it be because you have so many different interests or because you simply don’t know which ones will accept the token of your affection…Valentine's Day 2018

Though sometimes, it can be good to actually widen out your proverbial pond. If you cast your net wide as possible, you can find yourself not so much in hot water, but rather with a boat full of fish.

When it comes to the oddly successful attempts by one young man, one young senior in high school, I know that you’ll definitely agree that the way he went about it is something of amazing quality and stature.

Sometimes it can be hard to finally get that note off to the one you love and care about. Yet, it seems crucial to the very idea of the holiday, to get to the point that we need to for everyone to feel not only accepted, but also loved themselves. To have someone who cares for them.

When it comes to Valentine’s day, most people think it’s merely a Hallmark holiday, made only to make money off of those who are in love and looking for a way to express their love. This has been somewhat tried and true.

2018 Valentine's Day

Yet, it seems that for one Senior in High school, he certainly has a unique tactic when it comes to getting noticed by girls. An amazingly large amount of 834 young high school girls have found their way to get the love and care that they so rightfully deserve.

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