High School Student Captivates Hollywood With Amazing Vocals

Seventeen-year-old Atlanta vocalist, Cyniah Elise, returns to American Idol for what we all were expecting to be a brilliant Hollywood Week performance. The high school student certainly didn’t disappoint, releasing a rendition of Adele’s “All I Ask” that served as a magnificent showcase of her talent, power, and range.

For the whole length of her beautiful song, the other contestants and judges could be seen relishing in the purity of sheer flawlessness of her voice. Seldom has one heard such a strong emotional outpouring at such an early stage in the competition, by someone so young. Roaring applause concluded one of the best Hollywood Week performances seen.

Cyniah Elise may only be seventeen-years-old, but this student sings with the feeling and control of a gospel great. The soulful artist delivered an inspiring cover of “All I Ask” that’d easily make Adele herself proud. Hollywood Week had found one of its strongest performers.