High School Student Gets All Female Schoolmates Flowers. No, This Is Not From A TV Show…

Valentine’s Day… some people think it’s the most romantic holiday ever while others see it as a purely manufactured cash grab. It can seem like somewhere in the middle. People rush out to get flowers and/or take their loved ones out to dinner. But what if you’re alone on that day? It can seem like a dagger in your heart when you see all these people being lovey-dovey to each other. One Utah high school senior did something to try to make all the girls in his school happy – give them all flowers.

This wasn’t something that some wealthy student did, charging it on his mom or dad’s black American Express card. No, Hayden Godfrey worked a lot at a minimum-wage job and worked out a deal with a wholesaler online. All in all, he got 852 flowers, one for each girl at his whole high school. It was quite a sight. The girls were all very impressed with his thoughtfulness. Well, at least the ones who were interviewed were. There were no interviews with any of the male classmates, some of whose girlfriends may have gotten the flowers.

It’s not like Godfrey was searching for a Valentine’s Day date – he already has a girlfriend. She was impressed by his generosity, though she was kind of quick to point out “He’s mine!” Still, he’s just looking to make what’s a rough day for some girls a little better. Though, he might have put some boyfriends who didn’t get their girlfriend at the school a flower in a tough spot. “Hayden got me something and you couldn’t even get me a stinkin’ card!”

I hope that there was no backlash there. You know the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished”? Well, even though there were the best of intentions, hopefully he didn’t get a black eye. I could see Zack Morris doing something like this on “Saved By The Bell” and making A.C. Slater mad. Then they hug it out in Mr. Belding’s office. Real life can’t be solved in the span of half an hour though.

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