High School Teens Give Winning Take On the 60s Classic, “Please Mister Postman”

High school is the perfect time to discover what hobbies and passions you want to pursue. For some, things like sports and academics will draw you in. For others, music, theater, and the arts are more alluring.

Four ladies from Rosa Parks High School can’t help but express their creativity through song and dance. The talented women uploaded a nonchalant rehearsal clip of them performing a rendition of the classic song, “Please Mister Postman.”

Tiara Cordova, Kyeshe Fuller, Rogett Gauntlett, and Brianna Perez were rehearsing a song and dance routine outside of school. If it’s not their incredible voices, their era-appropriate dance moves make this even better.

The classic Motown hit isn’t easy to pull off, and these girls do it with ease. Their stunning harmonies and undeniable confidence are the perfect matches for this iconic song from The Marvelettes.