High Schoolers Learn the Charleston from an Energetic 91-Year-Old Grandma

You might not remember the famous dance ‘The Charleston.’ The dance craze swept the country way back in 1923. However, one grandma was willing to pass along her skills to high schoolers.

The 91-year-old grandma decided to teach her dance skills to a new generation. Known to the students as ‘The Latin Lady,’ this school substitute teacher did more than cover a class.

These high schoolers smile from ear to ear as they film this unique moment. This grandma isn’t just teaching the dance style. She’s performing, and her abilities speak for themselves, not to mention her confidence.

These dance moves would be incredible at any age, especially at 91. Teaching the Charleston was a breeze for this feisty substitute teacher, and she kicked her way to glory among the high school students.

The Charleston was named after the city in South Carolina. Dance music of the 1920s inspired the moves, and there’s even a song titled ‘The Charleston.’ After appearing in the Broadway show ‘Runnin’ Wild, ’ the Charleston became a hit dance, peaking in 1926 and 1927.

Some of the biggest dance crazes in American history include ‘The Charleston,’ ‘The Swim,’ ‘The Mashed Potato,’ ‘The Twist,’ ‘The Cha-Cha Slide,’ and ‘The Limbo.’

The complicated motions to the Charleston were perfected by this grandma many years ago. As you can see, she can still deliver the steps to the amazement of these high school students.


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High Schoolers Learn the Charleston from an Energetic 91-Year-Old Grandma