High-spirited horse makes her point when the back scratching ends too soon

Horses are usually calm and even-tempered. But rub a horse the wrong way — or as this man discovered, stop rubbing them — and they will let you know.

It’s almost impossible to imagine human civilization making much progress without our equine friends. Horses were first domesticated about 6,000 years ago and their strength made a big increase in agricultural production possible. Horses also played vital roles in warfare and transportation, right up to the not-so-distant past. People have also admired horses for their own sake, even keeping them as pets rather than working animals.

Although normally of placid disposition, horses do sometimes engage in bizarre behavior. Horses who spend too much time inside not only don’t get needed exercise but become bored. This leads to “stable vices” like chewing on wood, biting wood while sucking in air, repetitive rocking back and forth, kicking the wall, pacing, pawing the ground, and gulping food down too quickly. The best cure for stable vices is to prevent them in the first place by letting a horse go outside frequently and making sure they have plenty of space to roam around. But even if a horse is well cared for and has a nice big pasture, they can still develop eccentricities.

There’s a young filly who enjoys having her lower back scratched — hey, who doesn’t like a good back rub? Her owner’s brother happens to be really good at it and she absolutely loves it when he comes to visit. As you’ll see in the video posted below, she just can’t get enough of her human friend’s scratching. If he takes a break, she backs up toward him and demands more! You’ll love what she does when he tries ending a session that she had hoped was only just beginning.

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