This Hilarious ‘Best Of Carol Burnett’ Blooper Reel Will Leave You In Hysterics

Ever since the television was invented, TV shows have been an important part of our daily routines. It’s great to be able to come home from work or school and watch our favorite comedians or cartoons, as they allow us to unwind from the stress of our personal lives for a few hours. There’s more to television than “reality” TV shows, and many late night or early morning talk shows can provide us with important news and perspectives that promote critical thinking – while also keeping us entertained.

The characters you sometimes see on television can really grow on you, making it feel like you’re a real part of one another’s universes. Sometimes, they can even feel like family, and you pick up on their phrases, mannerisms, or carry along some of their best jokes. One of the most beloved shows of all time, The Carol Burnett Show, was brilliantly written and consistently had great performances. It’s one example of a show that had a massive following and is still looked back at fondly today.

Below is one of the show’s funniest moments of all time, and it remains incredibly funny and popular to this day. Tim Conway is the man who first starts speaking, and refused to stop telling his joke about a circus elephant until he was able to finish it. The other members of the cast, despite being professionals, were losing it, and it would be hard for you to not do the same!

TV has changed drastically over the years, but some shows just never get old. You’ll especially appreciate this scene if you grew up with The Carol Burnett Show. Watch this legendary scene for yourself. Then, give your friends a laugh and share this skit with them and leave a comment on your thoughts down below!