Hilarious ‘Bewitched’ scene makes us all wish we had Samantha’s powers

There was always magic to Bewitched. The show featured the plucky witch Samantha trying to start a new life with the unfortunate Darrin. She would always find some fun way to use her powers.

Samantha’s magical exploits can be found right in the first episode. In this pilot episode, Samantha attends a dinner party with Darrin. She feels out of place.

Darrin then asks Samantha if she feels alright. Samantha says she is fine. Right next to him, Darrin’s ex assures him that everybody will help make Samantha feel at home.

Darrin’s ex then announces to the whole room that they’ll help with Samantha. She then starts listing off stuff that Samantha will need to do. Her list includes getting a new dressmaker and hairdresser.

While Samantha feels awkward, others at the table talk about how great Darrin is. Samantha smiles at him. Darrin’s ex sneers at Samantha.

Samantha is asked if she flies, and she mentions she does. Darrin’s ex asks Samantha if she knows a plastic surgeon who works on noses. Samantha says she doesn’t, and the ex says it looks like Samantha might’ve seen one.

Angered, Samantha contemplates using her powers. After refusing to do so, she starts tormenting Darrin’s ex. She starts small by making her hair get in her face.

While using her powers, Darrin is recommended by one partygoer to have Samantha over again. Samantha then uses her powers to lodge some food in the ex’s teeth.

Darrin signals for his ex to clean her teeth. She discreetly removes the food. Samantha is pleased.

As Darrin’s ex speaks more fondly to him, Samantha uses her powers to move a soup bowl. The ex ends up placing her elbow in the soup as Darrin tries to clean her.

Still angered at the ex, Samantha twitches her nose for the biggest of tricks. She makes the ex come down with a sneeze so big it moves the table. Now Samantha is ready to unload her full power.

She makes the ex have her dress unzipped as she struggles to pull it up. Next, one of the maids comes in with a tray. Samantha magically makes the tray full of food that falls onto the ex’s lap.

Darrin attends to his ex by returning her bracelet. Samantha twitches her nose to nip him in the bud as he does so. She wiggles her nose again, and the door flies open with a massive gust of wind.

The heavy wind sends the ex fleeing upstairs. Samantha then makes the door close, pleased with herself. She goes back to eating her meal with satisfaction.

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