Hilarious Dads Who Rock The Parenting World!!! I Was Laughing So Much!!! LOL!

Dads are an absolute treasure in a child’s life. They offer the support you need, lead by example and best of all, add humor in your life through the absolutely cute antics to get a smile from you. Making you happy makes them happy and they’ll do anything to make their children smile, even if the joke they make is at their own expense.

Watching this video made me realize just how awesome dads are. Featured on the hit show America’s Funniest Home Videos, this compilation of dads shows them their amazing parenting skills. Not only do they take great care of their infants, but they do it in a humorous style that will leave you laughing until your sides hurt.

You’ll notice from the video the many problems they have to deal with. When their children come to them with grave problems, it’s up to these awesome dads to sort it out. Keep an eye out for the scene at the 1:17 mark, when a toddler is crying buckets because her dad has her nose. But soon the child is transformed and the dad is back in his toddlers good graces in an instant – doing what dads do best. By being their awesome selves.

I LOVED the scene at the 2:04 mark, where you are treated to the dad’s superpowers. I know that’s something I would like to try someday – with anyone honestly. The best thing of all, are the moms who are recording these moments and are behind the scenes – loving each hilarious moment with their goofy partners and cute babies.

Life can’t get any better than this. A hearty laugh, a good time and great memories. Did you watch this video? What did you think of it? Do you have similar home videos of your child’s antics? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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