HILARIOUS DRIVING STEREOTYPES WITH DALE EARNHARDT JR. WILL HAVE Y’ALL LAUGHING OUT LOUD! Dale Earnhardt Jr. Shows Us Hilarious Driving Stereotypes. I’m Laughing Out Loud!

Almost every day, if not everyday, we climb into our cars, buckle up, and drive somewhere. To work, to the store, to a friend’s house. It’s practically an automated thing, as most of us have been driving for so long it’s nearly muscle memory.

In fact, we barely give a thought to our trips, most of the time. It’s such a regular occurrence that we often fall into stereotypical behaviors, without even noticing it.

Well, somebody noticed. The guys at Dude Perfect brings attention to these driving stereotypes you may not have even noticed in their hilarious video. You might see yourself in this clip!

Even if none of these stereotypes are anything you’ve done, you’ve surely seen at least one of these in friends or loved ones as you sit in the passenger’s seat. Or even in other drivers on the road.

NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. joins the Dude Perfect guys for this side-splitting exploration of driving stereotypes. You’ve got to check out this video. Are you “Mr. Lives In His Car’? Or, maybe, “The Dog Lady”? Take a look and find out.

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