Hilarious Man Lip Syncs Every Part to “I Can’t Get Next To You” by The Temptations

Just about every song that becomes popular will get remade at one point or another. Whether by an upcoming artist or an already-famous musician, new renditions can sometimes be hilarious and almost parody-like.

A gifted man by the name of Jimmy Slonina not only covered “I Can’t Next To You” by The Temptations, but he made a music video for it as well. This isn’t like any music video you’ve seen for a song before.

Slonina has exceptional skills and the ability to sing all five parts of this hit song at once. For each song, the talented, yet hilarious man would sport a new hairstyle. For one of the five pieces, he’s rocking a mullet, while during another, he’s completely bald.

His voice fits the tune perfectly, and the hairy twist to the song makes it even better. Who knew that something so unique would brighten up our day? We hope Jimmy makes more covers in the future that are as humorous as this one.