Parents Love to Dance in The Driveway, Much to Child’s Dismay

We all have that one song. You know, the song that comes on and, no matter where you are, everything stops, and you have to dance. It doesn’t matter if you are by yourself or on a crowded street, some songs just make you wanna bring on the funk.

Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk seems to be one of those songs that grab people and get them to dance. Even a little head-nodding can’t be avoided. There are hundreds of videos online that have mashups to this song, dance routines, even kittens bopping along. This video is one of my new favorites, though.


While the daughter sits in the car, mom stops in the driveway when Uptown Funk starts playing. Then her hips just start moving. I am pretty sure this is just an instinctive reaction to the song, right? Mom has her daughter vocally cringing and laughing at her mom’s antics in the driveway – right for the neighbors to see.

Ah, but all could be fine – here comes dad. He will save the day; or maybe not. Apparently, dad can’t help himself from joining in either. Now both mom and dad are having a grand old time in the driveway, dancing away without a care in the world — Aces to this mom and dad for adorably embarrassing their daughter.

Parents Love to Dance in The Driveway, Much to Child\'s Dismay