Hilarious roofer downs tools and loses control to the music

Sometimes music just takes over. It certainly did when a couple of roofers were building a shed and a popular song came on the radio. Andrew Wilcox had the tunes flowing as he and a pal were hard at work. When hit track “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias started to play, Andrew was unable to control himself. From that moment, the catchy number by the King of Latin Pop inspired one of the best impromptu videos you’re likely to see this year.

Downing tools, Andrew felt the urge to shake and sway with the beats, getting completely lost in the music as his fellow roofer continued with the job-in-hand. Luckily, another witness was alert enough to catch the fantastic show in all its hilarious glory. Since then the video has been shared online, where it’s blown up!

Over three million people have already checked out the spectacle, sending the video viral in no time at all. Many Youtubers rushed to comment on Andrew’s “killer moves” with several comments asking for the roofer to come and dance on a roof near their house! Others argued the case for workplace safety and told him to get back to work, but Andrew hadn’t a care in the world!

While merely walking a rooftop could be scary for some people, Andrew makes it seem incredibly easy to glide and shuffle with grace. The powerfully-built young man goes back and forth between two rooftops, displaying amazing assurance so high from the ground. His confidence in the face of danger is only outdone by his awesome array of slick and stylish dance moves. From salsa to handstands, humorous booty-shaking to leaping heel-clicks, the man has got it all, and he makes it look easy!

Before long, Andrew’s comical and cool performance catches the eye of his fellow roofer. Despite seeming to protest at first, the rhythm of Andrew’s routine proves irresistible and the other guy soon joins in. Taking a well-earned break, the two pals bust out their best moves as the song gets in full flow. Drawing to a climax, Andrew pulls some daring stunts that most of us wouldn’t dare try on the dance floor. To see it on a slanted rooftop is unbelievable! The building trade might be tough at times but with these guys around there would never be a dull moment! Shuffle on over to YouTube and you can check them out for a great laugh!