Hilarious Rose Nylund moments that will bring a smile to your face

If you enjoyed watching the Emmy Award-winning show Golden Girls, you’ll surely enjoy this TV Land compilation! The nearly 16-minute video shows some of the peak moments for the loveable widow Rose Nylund, as portrayed by legendary actress Betty White.

The first scene shows us the time when Rose gets nominated for “St. Olfa Woman of the Year.” Understandably, she’s static and honored, but her friends seem less interested. In fact, her friend Blanche simply “that’s nice. Did the new TV guide come yet?”.

A few minutes later, a group of men from the St. Olaf Woman of the Year blue ribbon panel shows up at the door and introduce themselves. Their names are Len, Sven, and Ben (also known as the “Toppelkopper Triplets”).

They mention that Rose has been nominated. She may even win, so long as they can confirm the details of the submitted biography! The Toppelkopper Triplets say a few different things Rose has allegedly done, but Rose seems somewhat confused.

Her friends quickly cover for her, telling the men that she’s simply too modest to brag about her good deeds. However, it’s later revealed that they’ve embellished her accomplishments when submitting her biography.

Once she finds out, Rose is taken aback. She immediately takes action, letting the committee know that her friend had fabricated her biography. We think she’s simply lost out on the award, but things turn around!

Rose ends up winning the award for her “value and honesty”; it also helps that the other nominee was disqualified! This happy turn of events might be familiar to dedicated Golden Girls fans, but it’s not the only memorable scene featured in the video. Watch the full video to enjoy more classic scenes featuring Betty White and her fellow Golden girls.

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