Hilarious Thanksgiving Dog Will Have You Laughing Out Loud! Watch As She Sees Her BOYFRIENDS!

Brie the terrier loves Thanksgiving. How much does she love it? By the amount of times she turns her head, I’d say she loves it very much! This little terrier is about the cutest thing I’ve seen online today, and she clearly loves the sound of her human’s voice judging by the number of head tilts she shows us in this clip.

Even though this head tilt is common among smaller dogs like her, it doesn’t make it any less adorable! Her human is telling her about Thanksgiving Day tomorrow and naming all the family members she’s going to see. Everyone in the family must adore this little cutie. Watch the man in the back of the video and how much he’s smiling at her!

I can’t tell whether the best part of her holiday is going to be the food, or meeting both of her “boyfriends” once she gets to her grandmas! When her human says “boyfriends” I just started laughing. It would make sense that she would have more than one since she’s so cute. Turkey Day sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun for Brie.

Don’t worry if you end up watching this video more than four times in a row – I did! I couldn’t stop myself because she’s so cute!

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