This Hilarious Video Highlights The Plight Of First Time Cat Owners!

We’ve all been there – that first cat was rough. But, looking back, it’s also hilarious.

I’ll never forget when my husband was going to give our cat a bath – I’d owned cats, he hadn’t – I just laughed and said okay but I’m not helping. 20 minutes later he came back with a soaking wet cat and scratches the entire length of both arms and his neck. She went for his jugular for sure.

Fast forward 11 years and he is now a vet tech and has not tried to give our cat a bath again (though he does have to do it at his work sometimes!). We can laugh about that first cat bath now.

Jesse Burton of BuzzFeed, in partnership with Friskies, made this adorable, funny, and true video about first-time cat ownership. The star of this video is a very obliging 3-year-old American bobtail cat.

Admit, you all did one (or all) of these things when you brought home your first cat. What embarrassing thing do you admit doing with your first cat that you would never do now? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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