Hilariously famous ‘Lucy’ skit gets upgraded to color and stunning 4K

Thanks to a recent Fathom Event, a hilariously famous ‘I Love Lucy’ skit gets upgraded to color and stunning 4K. To honor Lucille Ball’s birthday, CBS put together ‘Redhead Tales.’ It featured five uncut, colorized episodes of the iconic show.

In the classic sketch, ‘Job Switching,’ the factory boss walks in and says, ‘Alright ladies, this is your last chance! If one piece of candy gets past you and into the packing room, you’re fired! Understood?’ They say they understand, and the boss yells, ‘Let it roll!’ The crowd laughs, knowing trouble is coming.

Lucy is struggling and looks at Ethel, who is very relaxed and doing well. Meanwhile, Lucy is crumbling the papers on the candies. Lucy says, ‘This is easy.’ Ethel agrees and says, ‘We can handle this ok.’

They start to fall behind, and they see the belt moving faster. Ethel starts to pull them back off the belt, and Lucy does the same thing, but she starts putting them in her mouth.

Lucy tries to talk but struggles as they both start shoving the chocolates in their mouths faster. Lucy says, ‘I think we’re fighting a losing game.’ One unwrapped candy goes through, and Ethel gets scared.

Lucy and Ethel continue to eat and wrap, but then Lucy says, ‘Here she comes,’ and they both stuff the chocolates they couldn’t wrap into their hats, shirts, and mouths.

The boss walks in and stares at them, and she tells them that they’re doing splendid and says, ‘Speed it up.’ It is one of the most classic clips from ‘I Love Lucy.’

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