This Hippo Went Into Someone’s Living Room, What Happened Next Surprised The Hell Out Of Me!

This is a delightful Animal Planet clip about 13-year-old Jessica. Poor Jessica was not only born premature, she was swept away at birth by flood water and separated from her mother. It was a miracle that she survived the violent flood of Africa plain’s rain season, not to mention the jaws of killer predators.

Jessica is still being bottle-fed by Tony and Shirley Joubert, the big-hearted couple that saved her. Before you make fun of her, I have to say that this tough-luck gal has earned her right to drink her favorite tea from a nippled bottle (not a baby bottle, wait till you see the size of this thing).

When her guardian angels Tony and Shirley first took her in, Tony fed her with a formula created to match a hippo mother’s milk. He had to call on all his knowledge when he was a game ranger. Jessica is a hippopotamus.

Tony and Shirley have no illusion that Jessica is a wild animal. At times she acts like a pet, and other times she would leave the area to be with wild hippos. Jessica always comes back to her human friends though, so far.

This cute hippo would sometimes sleep on the porch with the family dog. At dinner time she sashays into the dining room for fresh vegetables. Green beans were on the menu in this clip.

Tony said he’s certain that Jessica would be mating soon, probably within 2 years. They believe she will continue to come back after having her baby. She could have been in Mozambique if she wanted to, said Shirley.

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