Baby Squirrel Is Adopted by A Momma Cat and Her Litter – So Sweet

Humans adopt babies every day, but we’re not the only ones. Animals do it, too! I firmly believe that dogs, cats, and other non-humans are emotional creatures with empathy and instincts to nurture. That’s why many animal moms adopt babies who are not of their own bloodline, or even of their own species.

Here, we meet an incredible mother cat who just gave birth to a bunch of adorable tiny kittens. The animal workers decided that this would be an opportune time to introduce yet another baby into the mix: an even tinier baby squirrel who had no mother at all — an orphan who needed love and care!


And guess what? Within seconds, Mama takes to the squirrel as if it were her very own, cleaning, nursing, and accepting it into her new family. What an awesome mother! And the kittens seem quite happy to have an additional sibling in the midst.

We humans could learn a lot from our animal friends. This mama cat accepts this baby squirrel without any hesitation, and it is absolutely precious to see. Such compassion from an animal towards another, her instinct was to make the squirrel one of her own.

Baby Squirrel Is Adopted by A Momma Cat and Her Litter - So Sweet