Their home burns down during a wildfire. Next day, they find their treasure in ashes

California has had its fair share of wildfires which have ravaged it for quite a long time. Santa Rosa has been one of the towns that have been severely affected. As a result of the fires’ ferocity, many homes have been completely burned to the ground. This has caused a lot of the residents to start filing for Government assistance to help them get back on their feet.

For many of these families, it has not only been a question of material losses. They have also dealt with a lot of the psychological scars that come with suffering such massive losses. In some cases, these losses have caused many of the people who have suffered them problems concentrating. This, in turn, has made it very difficult for them to hang on to their jobs. In other cases, finding a job has been the most difficult aspect of getting back on their feet.

Despite this, some of the families have managed to gather hope. One example of this is what happened to the couple in the following video. They are Sam Brinkerhoff and her wife, Monica. They had just moved to Santa Rosa after buying a house. Monica was expecting a baby, so they were in kind of a rush to purchase the home and start remodeling.

The minute the wildfires got to them, they barely had time to run out of their house with just the clothes on their backs. The fire was moving fast, and they needed to find cover as soon as possible. It was not long before the fire had consumed everything in its path. Everyone in the neighborhood had left in a hurry but had left their more prized possessions to be consumed by the fire.

Fortunately for all the neighbors, there were no casualties or people injured. All of them were able to escape safely. The only thing was that the wildfires had left the neighborhood looking as if a nuclear weapon had struck them. There was nothing to be salvaged, although many of the neighbors tried to. All there was left were piles of trash, a few appliances here and there but nothing that could be used.

This is when Sam and his wife decided to return. They remember they had a safety chest with a few valuables and important papers. When they finally found it, the papers had been completely destroyed by the fire, but they did find something that gave them a ray of hope in these tough times!