Home cam reveals rescued puppy’s nighttime play sessions with senior dad

Winding down with your canine at night is known for any dog owner. The relaxing activities prepare them for bed. In addition, some owners take their dogs out for a short walk so that their pets do not get into an accident while they are sleeping.

However, for Jose Paulo Silva, living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, bedtime was the time when his pet dog, Lola, would be the most energetic. Jose didn’t hesitate to show his inner child while playing with Lola, even at his age.

Jose had installed a home cam for his own protection and the security of his house. However, the caring dog owner did not realize that the device would make him an online celebrity.

The surveillance camera revealed Jose preparing for bed. However, when he was about to get on his mattress, Lola had already found her way and ensured she occupied the whole bed.

Lola wanted her owner to play before they slept. As Jose came close to the puppy, intending to play with the energetic dog, Lola pounced at her senior companion. The kind owner knew what would happen next but still decided to play along.

Instead of pushing away his adorable pet, Jose took a pillow and started to play with Lola. The playful puppy was now unstoppable. She darted around the whole room in excitement. The senior man decided to tease his dog. The adorable nighttime routine was repeated all over again.

Lola and her sister were found on a road in Franco da Rocha, São Paulo. The two of them were getting trained at a firefighting school. However, the two puppies were put up for adoption due to unforeseen circumstances. It took several days for Lola to warm up to her new family. The cute puppy had now become an essential part of Jose’s life.


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Home cam reveals rescued puppy\'s nighttime play sessions with senior dad