Home Depot Employees Hear About Special Needs Plight. Their Response? ABSOLUTE GENIUS!

Being a parent of a special needs child is very difficult. Especially if you have another child too. You’re juggling the demands of two children and if one of them can’t get around on their own? It can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Sometimes you feel like you need some help. For one Texas woman, that help came from three men who work at a nationally-known hardware chain.

Silas’ mommy was overwhelmed with trying to get something to help her special needs child walk around. Traditional walkers were too small for him. Then the three Home Depot employees learned about the situation and put their DIY skills to work. The end result? Silas has a nice-sized walker that helps him feel more independent in walking around. The best part? It was free.

I’m amazed at what they could do with the PVC pipe. They smartly wrapped the top of it with foam. The rest of it, though… as he gets bigger, if he slams into Mommy with that… she might want to buy more foam for the other sides, otherwise her shins may be a near permanent shade of black and blue. Other than that, it’s just genius. They could try to patent something like that. Who knows ?

The really cool thing about the walker is that they built it as an expandable item. As Silas grows taller, his mommy can raise the height of the walker to accommodate him. That showed that the employees were thinking ahead on this. There should be more stories about things like this. Instead of leaving this mother to fend for herself with a special needs child, she got help from complete strangers. This should make any Grinches watching this have their hearts grow three sizes.

I’m still astonished at the generosity of these three men in donating their time and expertise. They should go far in life with the attitudes they have. What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please write in the comments section below!

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