“Home Economics” newsreel is just as true today as it was in 1955

The scene opens with two young women, Janie and Carol. Carol asks Janice what she’s doing, and Janice responds, saying she’s trying to figure out which classes to take next term. “I had to do that too. What are you taking?” Carol inquires.

Janice mentions a few class requirements but also notes her interest in taking Home Economics. Carol seems dumbfounded and asks her point-blank what she would learn in class that she couldn’t learn from her mother (or real-life experience).

Janice cannot give her a solid answer, but she’s still convinced that the class has value. When Carol challenges her to prove it, Janice gladly accepts the challenge and goes off to find an answer.

In the next scene, we see Janice, who’s now talking to her Home Ec teacher, Miss Jenkins. Janice asks her teacher what she can learn from Home Ec classes that she couldn’t learn at home. Her teacher smiles before giving an answer.

As Miss Jenkins explains, Home Ec teaches the “why” and the “how” of running a house. The class covers various topics, including meal prep, food shopping, nutrition, clothing shopping, dress designing, and textile recognition. Miss Jenkins assures Janice that these skills are worth learning.

She points out that Home Ec is taken by both genders and includes more general topics like home decoration and money management. Even child development is covered in these classes!

But what if Janice decides to go to college instead of marrying? Miss Jenkins assures her that these skills can also transfer to the workforce! Janice thanks Miss Jenkins for her help.

Janice heads out the door with a happy look on her face. “Just wait ’til I get home and see Carol,” she smiles as the video ends.

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